Sunday 11 September 2016

2 PM – 3 PM:

Vaping products and advertising – obligations for the sector

The transposition of the European Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) in France, in force since 20th May 2016, has drastically restricted the vaping sector’s liberties in terms of advertising, publicity, sponsorship and patronage. Shops, web operators, e-liquid and material manufacturers are now forced to apply the new rules to all their communication activities. In how far these might be softened, remains unclear to date. What consequences are to be expected from the users’ point of view? This panel discussions seeks to provide the latest information regarding the new provisions that strive to equate vaping with tobacco products.

introduced by Vincent HOUILLON, Co-founder of Le Vapelier Speakers:
Jean Moiroud, président Fivape
Rémi Baert, Fondateur de Kumulus Vape
Nathalie Dunand, strong>Secrétaire Général So Vape

4 PM – 5 PM:

The vaping market in France – economic projections for 2017

Following a globally satisfying first semester 2016, the vaping market currently undergoes a profound transformation process provoked by the TPD’s regulatory obligations. Despite the fact that the number of vapers is still rising, is there a risk that the new obligations will suffocate the market in 2017? Or will the independent vaping sector be resilient enough to meet the future with confidence? This panel discussion will present different views on the economic prospects for the French vaping industry, from the point of view of both manufacturers and distributors.

introduced by Pierre PAUL, Co-founder of Le Vapelier Speakers:
Sébastien Rempp, Gérant de Sonrisa et Allo Vapo
Tim Philipps, Managing Director, Ecig Intelligence
Jean-Philippe Planchon, Directeur général, My Vapors Europe

Monday 12 September 2016

1 PM – 2 PM:

Comparative analysis of the TPD’s transposition in different EU member states

Despite the wish to harmonise vaping provisions throughout the European Union, the Directive’s transposition differs vastly across member states, due to a range of parameters that are sometimes difficult to identify. Vaping professionals operating in more than one European country find themselves dealing not with one “single” market but rather with several single markets. Will the British Brexit now further complicate things, seeing that several member states have not yet transposed the European legislation?

introduced by Christophe CARVOUNAS, CEO of Le Vapelier Speakers:
Amandine Billaud, Export Manager VDLV
Peter Beckett, Policy Matters
Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, Secrétaire Général Fivape Europe & International, Vapor Technology Association
Joe Barnett, The Vaping Militia

3:30 PM – 4:30 PM:

Which statutes to adopt for the vaping sector and its communities?

Vaping, which is neither a tobacco product nor a medicine, has significantly changed the fight against tobacco harm and the relevant public policies. As many as six million Europeans have already quit smoking definitively, even without the benefits of a clearly claimed institutional support. How to understand the phenomenon of vaping in this context? Which role do the interactions between users, the scientific community, health stakeholders and vaping professionals play? What are the assets, and the weaknesses, of the vaping world, and what are the rights and duties for each of its components?

introduced by Sébastien BÉZIAU, writer at the blog Vap’ You Speakers:
Dr Pierre Rouzaud
Daniel Lumbroso, Fondateur de Dany Vape
Serge Le Faurestier, La Tribune du Vapoteur